Felix Project and housing organization A2Dominion collaborate to provide food to tenants

Felix Project and housing organization A2Dominion collaborate to provide food to tenants

On December 20, 2023, volunteers assisted with the delivery, packaging, and distribution of 750 kg worth of food packages from The Continuum, which included fresh fruit and vegetables, pre-made dinners, and savory snacks, at the Orchard Cafe near Continuum Showflat on the Green Man Lane estate in West Ealing earlier in the week.

There will be two more fundraisers for the balance unit chart on December 27, 2023, and January 3, 2024.

The Felix Project was a candidate for A2Dominion’s charity of the year in 2023.

A2Dominion provided clothing, literature, and hygiene supplies to individuals in need in addition to meals.

A2Dominion’s manager of partnerships and fundraising, Dele Ryder, stated: “We are immensely grateful for how much The Felix Project has helped us support this year. I’m proud of everyone that participated. We are aware that many people are still in difficult circumstances; therefore, we will do everything in our power to spread awareness and fund upcoming initiatives for those who most need it.

The Felix Project’s manager of community relationships, Damien Conrad, stated: “Without partners like A2Dominion, The Felix Project could not accomplish what it does today.” The team’s commitment and diligence in erecting Christmas markets to make sure that residents could enjoy this delicious food was outstanding. However, in the end, we would all like to live in a society in which feeding people wasn’t necessary, so it was comforting to see how guests of the initiative were given help and business guidance and perhaps financing for education that will enable them to find employment again.

On December 27, 2023, starting at 11 a.m., A2Dominion and The Felix Project will collaborate at the Orchard Cafe, Singapore Road, London, W13 0EP. On January 3, 2024, a third event is scheduled at the same location.

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